TANEMIZU Water Purifying Bacteria


  • TANEMIZU contains photosynthetic bacteria (purple non-sulfur bacteria), which can reproduce and grow in high concentrations. Its able to clarify and stabilize the water tremendously
  • These photosynthetic bacteria’s uniqueness and benefit enables them to engulf the ammonium that is excreted from the fish therefore cleaning up the water condition
  • The bacteria are a ‘facultative anaerobe’ meaning they can survive in as hypoxic environment
  • TANEMIZU bacteria are non-fastness type and will not have an adverse affect on the bacteria in the filter.
  • TANEMIZU bacteria are a globe to oval-shaped cellular diameter 1μm bacteria.
  • TANEMIZU germinates large amount of Coenzyme Q10, which energise fish more than red color PSB.
  • TANEMIZU can be used in the pond where salt is used, it has a survival range from freshwater~salinity 3%

Usage scenarios:

  1. When starting the new pond made of concrete
    TANEMIZU can stabilize the water quality effectively before other bacteria are be able to start producing and multiplying in the filtration material for the next 2-3 weeks.
  2. Pond which filtration system easy to be clogged
    TANEMIZU can live in anoxic zone so it is effective to use in situations when the filtration system is clogged by the fishes excrement and uneaten food.
  3. After using medication in the pond
    After medication, most of the existing bacteria will be eliminated, therefore ammonia level increases tremendously.  In this case, TANEMIZU can be added to the pond after the bacteria was destroyed by medicine.  Please use TANEMIZU 7 days after using the medicine, until the effectiveness of the medication disperses.
  4. When receiving or transporting the Koi
    Please use TANEMIZU after scooping the Koi from the pond, after Koi show or during transportation. As this product’s beneficial points will allow the Koi condition to stabilize and calm.

TANEMIZU does not influence on the water quality clarification and the bacteria which originally exist.


  • Add 1L of TANEMIZU per 2 to 5 tons of water volume of the pond, depending on the condition of the water (extra dosage will not be harmful to the water and Koi).
  • Pour TANEMIZU directly into the filtration box.
  • When using, stop the pump of the filter first and pour TANEMIZU into the filtration material directly. Switch the pump back on after a brief interval.
  • It is effective to use the same volume again after 2 weeks.

Caution for use:

  • Please shake bottle well before use.
  • Please keep this product away from direct sunlight and high temperature.
  • Please do not use at the same time with the medicine and chlorine dioxide. (Can be used with Oxolinic Acid medicine because TANEMIZU can survive when Oxolinic is applied)
  • Please turn off the ultraviolet germicidal lamp when using this product.
  • This product has typical odor. It will not affect the quality.
  • After using this product sometimes white turbidity occurs temporarily, this will be resolved after several days.
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